MB40 CNC Busbar Shear

Complete solution for Bus Bar bending, punching and milling.
Equipped with Beckhoff CNC control, the machine has excellent processing quality and maximum operating performance.

Features and Performance

  • Upgraded servo motor reduces energy consumption and noise.
  • High precision display and electrical angle measurement system as standard configuration. Control accuracy of ±2⁰.
  • Bending push rod is driven by servo motor, speed will increase up to 13mm/s, which is much higher than for backward of 50mm/s.


Max. bending forcekN400
Main drivenServo motor
Bending accuracy°±0.2°
Max.bending angle°95°
Approaching speedmm/s0-13 adjustable
Quick return speedmm/s50
Max.working strokemm200
Return stokemm0~200 adjustable
Backgauge strokemm2000
Total powerkW7
Max.Vertical bending sizemm200x15(WxT)
U bending internal width (option)mm60
Max.horizontal bending size (Option)mm125x10(W*T)