MT Turret Punching Machine

High performance punching machine with high stability and low investment costs.
MT300E is among the leading turret punching machines in China with a market share of more than 20%.

Features and Performance

  • MT300E is the ultimate solution for all your punching needs. Based on a direct drive torque servo motor and a drive unit with high overload capacity, MT300E ensures low energy consumption, high transmission efficiency, reliable performance, and convenient maintenance.
  • MT300E safeguards maximum punching quality, as it is able to adjust the punch force to the required sheet thickness and running speed.
  • The clamping technology is advanced – floating clamps ensure smooth feeding, the automatic clamps protection function avoid damage to both clamps and punching tools.
  • The standard turret of MT300E provides 32 stations, that is ample space for a variety of punching needs (e.g. punching of holes or shapes).
  • The CNC system is easy to operate due to the simplified (g-code) programming language.
  • The programming software enables CAD files to be converted into NC code for turret punching machines. Efficient programs are generated with just a few clicks, resulting in optimized material utilization and machine run time.


Max. Punch ForcekN300
Main Driving TypeSingle servo motor
CNC SystemFANUC CNC system
Max. Sheet Processing Size
(with one time repositioning)
No. of Clamppcs3
Max.Processing Sheet Thicknessmm3.2/6.35
Max. Punch Diameter per TimemmΦ88.9
Max. Punch Hit at 1mm Pacehpm780
Max. Punch Hot at 25mm Pacehmp400
Max. Nibbling Speedhpm2000
No. of Repositioning Cylinderpcs2
No. of Stationpcs32
No. of auto indexpcs2
No. of Controlling Axis5(X、Y、V、T、C)
Tooling TypeLong Type
Max.Feeding SpeedX Axism/min80
Y Axis80
XY Combined113
Turret Speedrpm30
Hole Accuracymm±0.1
Power supplykVA45
Air PressureMPa0.55
Air ConsumptionL/min250